Planning for the pool started back in 2001, and construction began in 2010. Recently finished in March 2014, this pool has an amazing list of features that are truly unique and one of a kind.

Pool has many features that have been put together over the years and modified to fit a Volcano Them. There are 3 volcanoes each with features that bring the volcano to life. The tallest is 16 feet while the other two are 14 and 12 feet. The volcanoes have fire, mist, and a light, much like the Luxor hotel, at the tops. Pool shape and design are unique with rock arches, large cave passage ways, rock bridge, floating tables, negative edge spa, swim up bar, passage ways between pool/spa and slides. Two slides on the pool. One is fully enclosed (32 feet long) the other is 27 feet long and open. Four stream running through volcanoes and over rocks to build the look and feel of nature. Entire pool is organic, no tile…etc. Many micro environments built around pool. Wine bar, Ramada area, cave (stalagmites, stalactites, columns, bacon, straw, a weeping wall, real growing stalactites and stalagmites). 132 LED lights to highlight different parts of the rock, 13 misting zones, and 300 strands of fiber under the grotto. Entrance to the pool is through a sand beach with 4 large single pole Palapas. Back yard also has a large coy pond and garden.

Backyard Tropical Paradise